CARRYBOY was founded in the early 1969's to manufacture vehicle service bodies. The Smart Rescue Vehicle is designed for the adventures and tasks that a lifeguard endures on a daily basis, such as first aid, beach patrol, safety and water rescues.

Emergency division is a market leader in the provision of equipment that assists in the rescue, treatment and recovery of victims in routine or complicated emergency incidents.
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The new LED light giving you a traffic control device that raises 6 feet from the top of your apparatus and rotates 360 Degrees.
20,000 Lumens
light output.
The Command Light. Designed to provide light quickly over any situation, and made to fit a variety of vehicles that would benefit from quick quality lighting such as forest rescue, fire engines, chief's vehicles, tow trucks, border patrol vehicles and police vans.
  • Designed to be highly adaptable, with the ability to customize the arm length and the number and wattage of the lamp heads. Streamlined aesthetics in a compact design.
  • Tilt positioning and continuous 360 degree rotation adds to the versatility of the lighting system.
  • The new building is designed to be very energy efficient with remote controlled lighting, security and air movement. Umbilical cord remote controller.
  • Available in all standard mounting configurations, including generator light kit and cord reel light.
  • Low ultraviolet light - attracts less insects during nighttime operation
  • All weather. (not affected by high winds, blowing dust) Wind tested to 90 mph
  • Full Deployment in under 15 seconds. All Electric (no air or hydraulics required)


When disasters come whether it
is natural or man-made, rescue
vehicles are the ones that are
used a lot.

The Smart Rescue Vehicle uses high performance materials to be self-supporting and offer weight reductions of up to 50% compared with previous products.
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Let us show you how to save money and use your existing equipment to meet your budget and apparatus needs!

Purchasing a new vehicle isn't always the answer to meeting emergency vehicle equipment needs.

"We Make A Difference"

Maximized Compartment Space

We are the Rescue exclusive Manufacturer and Distributor of
Fire Engines, Water Tenders, Rescues, Transit Facilities and
Specialty Emergency Vehicles. Click on images to enlarge!!

Fast & Simple Access

To further maximize useable storage space all adjustable shelf tracks and LED compartment lighting is recessed into the side walls. Shelves, trays, tool boards and bulk equipment are not impeded by these items.

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First Priority has cost-effective solutions for all of your emergency vehicle needs! No matter what kind of emergency vehicle you need,
you've come to the best place! We invite you to explore your options.
Video clips of Emergency Vehicles
that are on the Thailand International Motor Expo
•• The designs have been patented with the intellectual Property Department.
• The Company reserves the right to change details and specification in the components and equipments of Rescue Vehicle and Emergency Vehicle without notice.