Fire Trucks &
Emergency Response
Carryboy Rescue has gained a reputation for innovative designs and high quality throughout the construction process and has recently moved into a new manufacturing facility.

Rescue — Smart Cab

We meticulously design, manufacture and deliver unique rescue vehicles.

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Rescue — Single Cab

Producing the quality of vehicle you’ve come to trust from Carryboy Recue.

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When fire, earthquake or other disasters happen, a reliable special rescue vehicle is absolutely needed. This kind of vehicle not only helps saving people but also securing other assets.
Comes to answer the market need for reliable rescue vehicle that can be used well in various disaster field. The Rescue is equipped by the most reliable rescue equipment for handling the effect of earthquake, fire, flood and other disaster.

International Standard
Fire Fighting Truck &
Rescue Vehicles

Custom designed compartments are configured to fit your equipment from rollout, tip-down trays to vertical tool boards. Transverse compartments allow storage of larger equipment or access from either side. Ports for portable winches, generators, cascading air systems, and scene lighting increase the functionality of a Carryboy Rescue.
Rescue Vehicles are exported all over the world.

Choosing a Carryboy Rescue means more than picking out a toolbox you can drive. Selecting a Carryboy Rescue Vehicle is about adding a tool to specifically fit your arsenal of rescue equipment.
Emergency Vehicle
Warning Lights & Sirens

Emergency lights are available in a wide selection from Carryboy Rescue. we focus on our products quality, we welcome our customers to come in and try out our wide selection of warning equipment.
Carryboy Rescue is your source for LED, strobe and halogen lightbars, mini-lightbars, dash lights, deck lights, arrow directional sticks, insertable LED & Strobe lights, and low amp draw-high visibility LED lights. we have a special sections just for you — Customer is our life, customers' satisfy is our final goal.
Carryboy Rescue is one of the largest emergency vehicle sales and service organizations in the world. Reliable company over the years and has maintained our vision as an independently-owned, customer-focused designer and manufacturer of high quality custom emergency vehicles. Reliability, durability and safety are our core values, Our powerful combination of experience and capabilities, gives you an outstanding array of choices to meet your specific emergency response needs.

Carryboy Rescue will continue to serve our customers in the emergency vehicle industry with integrity and professionalism.

A true entrepreneur in the emergency vehicle manufacturing industry.
Interior Design

Rescue body interiors can be customized to the mission of your truck. Fire departments are not limited to pre-determined layouts, sizes and components. Interiors can be customized with cabinets, receptacles, communication equipment mounting, and hundreds of other options to support your rescue mission.
Flexibility by Design

With your input, RESCUE’s commitment is to design a truck around equipment and specific needs. Combining flexibility and design by 3D modeling all bodies, shelving, and accessories, Rescue builds your department apparatus that is useful from the day it backs into the station.
Carryboy Rescue is perfectly positioned to provide the highest quality in sales, service, and support. Rescue is a one-stop shop for new or used ambulances, rescue remounts, maintenance, graphics, and emergency vehicle parts. And now with a fully developed body repair department
Bar Lock
The revolutionary Bar Lock for the emergency vehicle door. Fabricated entirely from Stainless Steel, this lock is designed to withstand the harsh working environment of our emergency vehicles. Today this lock is fitted to all emergency vehicles with roller shutters in World Wide.
Bull Bar &
Frontal Protection

Designed, engineered and tested in Thailand. Every Carryboy 4x4 Off Road is carefully crafted from premium grade materials and components to deliver the most comprehensive frontal protection and styling available.
Rear Step & Towbar

The RESCUE rear bar is manufactured from steel tube and checker plate, chassis mounted for strength and designed to provide additional protection to the rear of the vehicle. A RESCUE rear bar will protect your 4WD from damage whilst on your next adventure.
Vehicles manufactured by Carryboy are based upon many different makes and models of commercial and specialist chassis, and can incorporate an endless array of options and features.
Shutter Doors

Carryboy Rescue are also Commercial vehicle shutter manufacturers and our ability to manufacture doors for just about any conceivable application ensures that we remain the industry leader well into the future.

Our Extruded Aluminium Shutter offers security, stability and unmatched craftsmanship for use as pickup shutter or a truck shutter.
Designed for use on Fire and Emergency vehicle door and cabinet opening.

Our team of qualified specialist engineers are experienced to ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards and our inspection services cover. This shutter door can be used to close compartment or as loading, access door in any kind of vehicles as replacement of conventional hinged door.
* Carryboy Rescue. reserves the right to change or modify the price, amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
** All designs and techniques of the products have been protected by law; from patent and copyright. The imitator will be prosecuted.
*** The descriptions and illustrations shown here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.

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