This rescue vehicle is capable of responding quickly ready a range of rescue equipment and available for road operations, car accident vehicle, highway accidents, catch fire, disasters, protect the public and property and more.

Light Emergency Response

The Carryboy Rescue is equipped by the most reliable rescue equipment for handling the effect of various disasters — Comes to answer the market need for rescue vehicle.



Rapid Response Unit

Rescue pick-up compartments provide strategic opportunities for storage and functional workspace, while simultaneously dictating the flow of operations at the scene of a call, contributing to enhanced safety and efficiency.



* Carryboy Rescue. reserves the right to change or modify the amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
** All designs and techniques of the products have been protected by law; from patent and copyright. The imitator will be prosecuted.
*** The descriptions and illustrations show here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.
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